Strontium Citrate - One of the Best Supplements for Osteoporosis

Strontium Bone Maker Strontium Citrate is a natural salt of strontium that can be used effectively as a supplement for treating osteoporosis. It's recommended for people who have significant osteoporosis risk factors, or for those who have already been diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia. It has been approved in the United States as a dietary supplement.

What Makes Strontium Citrate So Effective
As a Supplement for Osteoporosis?

Strontium works because it has a "dual mode of action". First, strontium is chemically similar to calcium, the primary element used in building healthy bones. While both strontium and calcium are easily incorporated into bones, strontium is a heavier element than calcium, and as such makes denser bones. Second, strontium is also effective at inhibiting resorption, which is the process of bone tissue being broken down and resorbed into the blood stream. So, strontium works in two different ways to prevent and treat osteoporosis.

What Are the Benefits of Strontium Citrate?

  • Less gastric distress than strontium carbonate.
  • Readily absorbed into the bloodstream.

How Should You Take Strontium Citrate?

  • Before bed on an empty stomach.
  • Important that you take calcium and Vitamin D supplements in addition to strontium citrate.
  • Don't take at the same time as your calcium supplements as they compete for absorption.
  • Recommended dosage is 680mg of elemental strontium per day.

I Recommend
Doctor's Best Strontium Bone Maker

Doctor's Best Strontium Bone Maker is a great source of Strontium Citrate!

Cost Effective - There are 120 capsules per bottle - a full two months supply of superior protection for your bones. At only about 35 cents per day, that's an extremely reasonable price for healthy bones!

Elemental strontium (340 mg) - Each capsule contains 1097mg of strontium citrate of which 340 mg is elemental strontium. Take two capsules per day to meet the suggested daily dose of strontium.

Suitable for Vegetarians - These are veggie capsules containing modified cellulose, cellulose, and magnesium stearate (vegetable source).

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(As with all supplements, it's always a good idea to discuss this option with your healthcare practitioner).

The benefits of strontium supplementation are proven - studies have shown that forms of natural strontium, such as strontium citrate, as well as synthetic forms like strontium ranelate, are very effective at treating osteoporosis. So, if you're searching for an effective natural treatment for osteoporosis, give Doctor's Best Strontium Bone Maker a try!

RN, Certified Wellness Coach

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