Enjoy Salmon Oil Benefits -
Even If You Don't Eat Fish!

Fish Oil Capsules Want salmon oil benefits, but don't like fish? Take a good salmon oil supplement! It seems like every day there is yet another study extolling the amazing health benefits of salmon.

Let's face it - not everyone likes fish, or has access to good, wild Alaskan sockeye salmon. That's right, the benefits apply to wild-caught, cold-water salmon only - NOT farm-raised fish (to read all about the difference, go to my page on wild Alaskan salmon).

Salmon Oil Benefits
From Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

Probably the best-known benefit of fish oil supplements is that provided by essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids, or EFAs, are fatty acids that we require for good health. We must get them in our diets, as our bodies cannot synthesize them. There are two types of necessary EFAs - omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids. So, what exactly can Omega-3s do for you?

Omega 3

Omega-3s in Wild Fish Oil
Promote a Healthier Metabolism.

A study conducted in Denmark at the Aarhus University Hospital studied 50 overweight people. These people were divided into two groups - one group took 2000 mg per day of fish oil. The other group (the placebo group) took olive oil capsules.

Six weeks later the results were in - the group taking the fish oil had developed significantly higher levels of adiponectin (adiponectin is a hormone that tells your body to burn calories instead of saving them as fat. It also serves to suppress Type 2 Diabetes). No doubt you'll be hearing more about fish oil for weight loss in the future!

in Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil
Provide Even More Benefits:

  • Decrease your risk of irregular heart rhythms (which can result in sudden death).
  • Decrease your blood pressure.
  • Decrease triglycerides in your blood.
  • Decrease build-up of plaque in your arteries.
  • Protect you from various autoimmune diseases.
  • Help your brain function - omega -3s have been shown to reduce the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Ongoing research is uncovering all kinds of salmon oil benefits pertaining to brain health.

Here Are Even
More Salmon Oil Benefits!

  • Wild Alaskan Salmon oil is rich in Vitamin D: Did you know that wild caught salmon has been found to be the richest food source of natural Vitamin D? Ongoing research is linking Vitamin D deficiencies to various cancers, depression, osteoporosis and other diseases.
  • Salmon oil is also a great source of Vitamin A, which is wonderful for your skin and eyes!
  • Eating wild Alaskan salmon improves skin tone and reduces the signs of aging - one of the most immediate salmon oil benefits!

To Reap Maximum
Salmon Oil Benefits,
How Much Should You Take?

What should your daily dose of fish oil be? Experts recommend the following fish oil dosage: 3000mg of Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Oil per day for optimum health (this is assuming you are not regularly eating wild salmon). These recommendations are based on official intake guidance from the UN World Health Organization (WHO), the American Heart Association (AHA), and the International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids (ISSFAL).

I have to add - if you have clotting issues, are taking medications for clotting, have a pacemaker, or have been diagnosed with coronary artery disease, it's a good idea to check with your doctor first before starting on a supplementation program!

And, in case you're worried about consuming fish oil due to mercury contamination, here is a statement from the Environmental Working Group:

The risk of mercury in these fish appears to be minimal. In fact, the FDA states that limiting consumption is unnecessary for [wild] salmon.

Buy High-Quality Fish Oil!

The benefits of salmon oil are really remarkable. And for those who don't have access to, or don't enjoy fish, salmon oil liquid and capsules are the perfect solution. Do your research, and only purchase the highest-quality unrefined wild Alaskan salmon oil.

Here Are 3 Great Salmon Oil Products:

Kenai Salmon Oil Kenai
Salmon Oil

Nordic Naturals Salmon Oil Nordic Naturals
Salmon Oil

Nordic Factors Salmon Oil Natural Factors
Salmon Oil

Vital Salmon Oil    I am a big fan of Vital Choice Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil. They offer a very pure Salmon Oil supplement, as well as the absolute finest Antarctic Krill Oil. To learn more about this premium product, visit my page on Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil.

Following healthy eating guidelines, engaging in healthy exercise, and taking high-quality wild Alaskan salmon oil will go a long way toward getting and keeping you healthy. Remember to check back often - as I uncover more information that will help you live the healthy lifestyle you deserve, I will add it to my site!

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RN, Certified Wellness Coach

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