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Natural Osteoporosis Treatments Can a natural treatment for osteoporosis be effective? Absolutely! Read on, because I want to share with you the best natural osteoporosis treatments, all of which can go a long way toward preventing, treating, and even reversing osteoporosis. While the most common treatments for osteoporosis (at least in the United States) include prescription osteoporosis drugs such as biphosphinates and hormone replacement, there are many effective and safe natural alternatives.

  • EXERCISE!!!!! Not only can proper exercise prevent osteoporosis, but it is a great natural treatment for osteoporosis. Weight-bearing exercises, such as walking, dancing, or skiing are wonderful (the frame of your body has to support the weight of your body - this stresses your large bones and makes them stronger). It is also important, however, to do some resistance exercise (like lifting weights, using resistance machines, or doing body-weight exercises such as push-ups). Practicing pilates and yoga for osteroporosis prevention has also been found to be effective. For more information, read my page about the different types of exercises. Plus, my pages on exercise to prevent osteoporosis and exercises for osteoporosis give you all the details!
  • EAT A DIET BASED ON HEALTHY FOODS (Be sure to read my pages on diet for osteoporosis and list of healthy foods). At least 15 different nutrients Fresh Fish (including magnesium, zinc, manganese, copper, vitamin K, boron, silicon, strontium, phosphorus, folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin C) have been linked to bone health and are used in treating osteoporosis. Don't underestimate the importance of nutrition as a natural treatment for osteoporosis. Eating a varied diet based on fruits, vegetables, whole grains and the proper amounts of good protein and fats will go a long way toward providing your bones with the nutrition they need to stay strong (bone is living tissue!).
  • DRINK BEER IN MODERATION. A recent study conducted by Professor Jonathan Powell at Cambridge University indicates that beer may help protect women against osteoporosis. Beer contains ethanol (alcohol) which has been shown to prevent bone loss, as well as orthosilicic acid, which amazingly facilitates bone growth! So, how much to drink? A pint per day for post-menopausal women, and a half-pint per day for pre-menopausal women should provide benefits. Just another natural treatment for osteoporosis that doesn't involve taking a pill!
  • TAKE SUPPLEMENTS. No matter how good your diet, you may need to supplement to ensure you get enough of the nutrients listed above. Below are the supplements most vital to your bone strength:
    • CALCIUM: 1000 - 1200mg per day with meals (take in divided doses - your body has a hard time absorbing more than 250mg at a time). Calcium supplementation is the most recognized natural treatment for osteoporosis. Calcium citrate is one of the most easily absorbed (and easy to find) forms of calcium. While all women should consider taking calcium supplements, there is concern that calcium supplementation in men may increase their risk for prostate cancer. Men should discuss this with their doctors before deciding whether or not to take calcium supplements to prevent and treat osteoporosis. For more details, read my page on calcium and osteoporosis.
    • MAGNESIUM: 320mg in divided doses - magnesium citrate and magnesium malate are two easy-to-find forms. Magnesium is essential for calcium absorption. Refer to my page on magnesium and osteoporosis for more information on this natural treatment for osteoporosis!
    • VITAMIN D: 1ooo units per day, with a meal containing good fats. Vitamin D3, also known as cholicalciferol, is the form you want to take. Check out the Vitamin D osteoporosis link to learn more.
  • OTHER SUPPLEMENTS FOR OSTEOPOROSIS that have been found to improve bone strength and are used as treatments:
    • STRONTIUM: Strontium Ranelate, which is widely used in Europe for treating osteoporosis, is a combination of the mineral strontium and ranelate acid. It is not yet approved for use in the US. Some physicians here recommend strontium as a natural treatment for osteoporosis (strontium citrate is available in the U.S.) and claim good results from it. For in-depth information on how this remarkable element works to effectively treat osteoporosis, please check out my page on strontium for osteoporosis.
    • RED CLOVER EXTRACT: 40mg per day. Red clover extract is a natural treatment for osteoporosis that doesn't get mentioned much because it is still being studied, but so far researchers believe it may be an answer for reducing bone loss.
  • GET OUT IN THE SUN. I mentioned Vitamin D supplementation above - spending time outdoors, in the sun, without sunscreen for at least 15 minutes a day is something we all should do to help boost our vitamin D levels. Sun Therapy I recommend that everyone get a blood test to measure vitamin D levels. Most of us suffer from vitamin D deficiency - especially those who live in the northeast. New studies appear every day proving more and more benefits of vitamin D. You owe it to yourself to get tested!
  • WHOLE BODY VIBRATION THERAPY. Another natural treatment for osteoporosis that is worth trying (but as always, check with your doctor first). Whole body vibration therapy is a fairly new natural osteoporosis treatment, and research is still being done on its effectiveness (but, so far, so good). One brand is called the Power Plate - you stand on the stainless steel plate, and it shakes back and forth and up and down, sending vibrations through your entire body, strengthening your bones. These machines can be found in many chiropractic offices, as well as certain gyms and wellness centers throughout the country. As an alternative natural treatment for osteoporosis, vibration therapy is worth investigating. Read more at whole body vibration therapy.

What About Drinking Milk For Calcium?

I do have to tell you that I am not a believer in adults drinking milk. The dairy industry is quite influential in this country and has convinced many people that milk is the answer to all that ails you. Frankly, adult humans were not designed to drink the milk of another species. The only creatures designed to drink cows' milk are baby cows. The majority of humans become lactose intolerant early in their lives - nature's way of telling us we are not designed to drink milk after infancy.

Cow Milk

But what about the calcium in milk? Well, your body will be able to absorb much more readily the calcium found in green vegetables, such as broccoli, kale, spinach, chard, bok choy, collard greens and chard, as well as the calcium in canned salmon and sardines, tofu and calcium-fortified juices and soymilk. If you make healthy eating part of your lifestyle, basing your diet on the healthy foods I talk about in my list of healthy foods, you'll get a good supply of dietary calcium. And that will go a long way toward preventing and treating osteoporosis.

A Bone Density Test Can Diagnose Osteoporosis.

Because you may not have any symptoms of osteoporosis until you suddenly break a bone or realize you've lost an inch in height, it's a good idea to get a bone density test if you are over 65 or have one or more risk factors for osteoporosis. My page on the osteoporosis t score tells you what you need to know about this diagnostic test

So, what should you do if you have been diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis? That's up to you. Lifestyle changes, including healthy exercise and healthy eating should be your first step. That, plus other natural treatments for osteoporosis such as supplements, time spent in the sun, and possibly even vibration therapy may be all you need. But, if you decide to go the conventional route, be sure to read my page on treating osteoporosis with prescription drugs

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Diet for Osteoporosis
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If you have not already read my page on osteoporosis, please do. I discuss what osteoporosis is, and list the risk factors for developing this disease. And, remember to check back often as I build this site. I'll be sure to keep it updated with the latest treatments for osteoporosis. Also, sign up for my newsletter, which will give you more tips for creating the healthy lifestyle you deserve!

RN, Certified Wellness Coach

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