Should You Use Natural Beauty Products? Or Is Eating Right and Exercising Enough To Create and Maintain Health?

Green Beauty Products Thankfully, healthy, natural beauty products are becoming more common on store shelves! Hallelujah! Why should you care? Because, no discussion of healthy lifestyles could be complete without touching on the health consequences of those products you use every day on your body.

If you've read my pages on healthy eating, you know that what you put INTO your body (food and supplements) is incredibly important when you are creating a healthy lifestyle. Building sufficient activity into your life in the form of healthy exercise is also key.

But, it's equally important to consider what you put ON your body, in the form of cosmetics, skin care products and hair care products. The more you learn about this, the more you realize that natural beauty products are the way to go.

Manufacturers Don't Test Their
Own Products For Safety.

Test Tubes One enormous problem we have in the United States is that the FDA doesn't require many consumer product manufacturers to test their own products for safety.

And many of the chemicals used in the manufacture of cosmetics and body care products have now been shown to pose health risks, such as cancer, reproductive harm or hormonal changes.

"Cosmetic products do not have pre-market approval," says Dr. Linda Katz, director of the FDA's Office of Cosmetics and Colors. "We assess safety of cosmetic products on a post-market basis."

The manufacturers have the responsibility, if they so choose, to test their products themselves. They can then report the results, but no independent review takes place. Unbelievable!

For more information on what ingredients you should avoid when buying beauty products, please read my page on phthalates and parabens.

As a result of this revelation, more and more people are switching to natural beauty products to avoid these harmful chemicals.

I'll Be Honest.
I Love Lotions and Potions.

 Natural Beauty Products I love things that smell good and come in pretty bottles. I love shampoos and mascaras and lipsticks and bath oils. Coming to grips with the fact that these wonderful products which make me feel soft and smell and look good may be negatively affecting my future health has not been easy for me.

Over time, I have learned to spot the troublesome ingredients and now avoid buying products containing them. My shopping now focuses on finding healthy, natural beauty products. Yes, it's a process.

To read about one of my new favorite companies and the fabulous all natural body products they produce, please go to my page on Dr. Hauschka Facial Care, where I talk about my top 3 picks.

And, don't miss my reviews of my favorite products by MyChelle Dermaceuticals, Acure Organics, Sevique, and Jane Iredale Cosmetics - more companies I am amazed by.

Please check back often - as this site grows, I'll be adding more information and reviews on other natural and organic cosmetics, natural and organic hair care, and natural and organic body care - from Dr. Hauschka, MyChelle Dermaceuticals, Acure Organics, and other great companies I've discovered. Healthy beauty is definitely part of a healthy lifestyle!

RN, Certified Wellness Coach

MyChelle Dermaceuticals

Jane Iredale Cosmetics
Jane Iredale

Dr. Hauschka Facial Products
Dr. Hauschka
Facial Products

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