The Best Natural Lupus Treatment Options - Here They Are.

Pills on Green Leaf The most common, conventional lupus treatment is corticosteroids. While these steroids do work to reduce the inflammation and lessen the harmful immune response (and thus diminish the symptoms of a lupus flare, such as lupus joint pain and the lupus rash), these steroids do not come without serious side effects (such as weight gain, water retention, heart failure, muscle weakness, osteoporosis, slow healing of wounds, suppressed immune system, convulsions - just to name a few).

Take Charge of Your Own Health
By Eating the Right Foods.

There is hope, however! There ARE natural ways to treat and lessen the symptoms of lupus. The first natural lupus treatment is diet - read my page on healthy eating guidelines to learn what a healthy diet is. Because lupus is an inflammatory disease, it is vital to eat a diet that is anti-infammatory, or that doesn't cause inflammation. Once you've read my healthy eating guidelines, refer to my page on lupus and diet to learn how to tweak your diet to target lupus.

Supplement Your Healthy Diet
with Vitamins and Herbs.

Eating the right foods is important in treating lupus. But, sometimes it's just not possible to get all the healing nutrients you need to treat lupus by diet alone. Consider taking supplementing - refer to my page on supplements, vitamins and herbs for lupus for my recommendations. Not only can these supplements give you healing nutrients, but there are a number of natural anti-inflammatories that can ease your lupus symptoms.

Exercise is also an Important Part
of A Lupus Treatment Plan.

In addition to treating lupus by modifying your diet, making exercise part of your life is vital. Go to my healthy exercise section to learn all about exercise and how to motivate yourself to do it! Once you've read those pages, refer to my page on lupus and exercise, where I give specific exercise recommendations for people with lupus. If you're new to exercising, and don't know where to start, try walking. Be sure to check out my page on walking as exercise.

Lupus and Diet
Lupus and Diet

People Exercising
Lupus and Exercise

Herbs for Lupus

Seek the Help of Many Experts in Different Fields.

While it's obviously important to find and work with an experienced and positive doctor, it's a good idea to seek help from various types of alternative or integrative practitioners. Many people with autoimmune diseases have found relief from other healing modalities. We are all individuals - what works for one person, may not work for another.

Traditional Chinese medicine, for example, may offer a treatment that works wonderfully for you. Or, how about Ayurveda (a traditional Indian form of medicine)? Keep an open mind. There are many natural lupus treatment options - wouldn't it be wonderful if one turned out to be, for you, a natural cure for lupus?

Reducing Stress Can
Prevent a Lupus Flare.

Reducing stress is very important for people with lupus. Stress has been shown to trigger a lupus flare in many lupus sufferers. Breathing exercises, meditation, and hypnotherapy are just a few proven stress reducers. You owe it to yourself to learn and practice at least one of these natural lupus treatment options. Excessive sun exposure has also been shown to trigger a lupus flare, so limit sun exposure. Finally, make sure to get lots and lots of rest to allow your body to heal.

As a final note, attitude and a positive outlook are so important. Check out the three books below - they all give messages of hope and healing that, if you've been diagnosed with lupus, you need to hear. Read everything you can get your hands on - and remember to check back here often. I update this site constantly and I will include any important new information on lupus and lupus treatment options!

  "Here Are Some Wonderful Resources...
These 3 books get rave reviews - learn from others who have healed themselves and hear their messages of hope!

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