Leslie Sansone Walk At Home Workouts - A Review of
Walk Away the Pounds DVD.

Leslie Sansone Walk at Home DVD I thought it would fun to have a Leslie Sansone Walk At Home video handy in case I couldn't go walking due to weather or darkness. I walk often and am in pretty decent shape.

I also wanted to have something to recommend to my readers on my other walking for exercise pages. So, I bought this Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds Ultimate Collection DVD and invited a friend to give these walking workouts a try with me.

What initially attracted me to this video was the fact that it featured 4 Complete Walk At Home Workouts on one DVD. If I'm really short on time, I can do the 1 mile, which only lasts 18 minutes.

If I have more time, I can do the 4 mile super challenge, which lasts a full hour. The penny-pincher in me appreciates the value of having 4 different walking routines for the price of one!

Not having ever done a Leslie Sansone walking workout before, I began this DVD with no pre-conceived notions. I know that many people swear by Leslie Sansone's Walk At Home routines, but would someone like me, who is reasonably fit, find these walking routines beneficial? Would they be too boring?

My Review - All 4 Workouts:

Green Check1-Mile Get Up & Get Started (18 minutes):

This first workout starts with Leslie showing the basic steps which are the foundation for all 4 workouts. Easy! No complicated steps to learn or memorize, but enough variety to keep things interesting.

The routine begins at a slow pace, allowing you to warm up. Before you know it, you're doing the steps briskly. If footwork were the only thing happening, I think I would find this workout too easy for me, and not likely to provide much benefit. But never fear!

Hand Weights 1-pound hand weights come into play (if you want to use them - you can skip on the weights if you want), making this a whole-body workout. While this one-mile workout was extremely easy for me, I may do it on those days when I don't have the inclination to do more.

Green Check2-Mile Brisk Walk (30 minutes):

This routine seemed different enough from the 1-mile routine that I wasn't bored. Leslie starts out slowly again, but the pace really does pick up toward the middle. Instead of hand weights, the stretchy band (included with the DVD) comes into play. I like this!

You can make the upper body workout (which you do while walking) as easy or as hard as you like, just by adjusting where you hold the band. After this 2-mile workout I felt like I'd done something - my pits were damp.

Green Check3-Mile Advanced Walk (51 minutes):

By the time I tried the 3-mile walk, I realized I really appreciated not having to learn any new steps. The same few walking steps carry you through all 4 workouts. As with the prior two walking workouts, the pace starts out slow, but before you know it you're really moving. Pink Stretchy Band

This workout also uses the stretchy band, so it's a total body workout. If I did this routine every day, I would definitely feel good about myself!

Green Check4-Mile Super Challenge (60 minutes):

Okay, this workout really got the sweat rolling! It's non-stop movement for a full 60 minutes. How can this not be a good thing? I will admit, I expected to be bored - after all, it's the same moves as the prior 3 workouts. But, Leslie does a great job of making it seem fresh. No weights or bands are used in this walk, but you won't miss them!

Leslie Sansone is an extremely enthusiastic and encouraging instructor. She lets you know that it doesn't matter if you can't keep up or keep in step, as long as you're moving you're getting benefits and should be proud of yourself!

Her cueing is excellent, and any beginner would have no problem following her instructions. Because you do not have to learn and memorize complicated choreography to complete any of Leslie Sansone's Walk At Home workouts, you can just enjoy moving.

My Bottom Line:

For new exercisers, this is a great set of walking workouts. You can increase your mileage as your endurance improves. Four workouts in one is a great deal! For more advanced exercisers, these workouts make a great go-to on those days when you aren't inspired to do a more choreographed workout.

Or, if you're a regular walker and the weather or darkness are preventing you from exercising outside, pop one of these workouts in your DVD player and you won't have to feel guilty about missing a walk. The Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds Ultimate Collection is a great value and a great addition to any Leslie Sansone Walk At Home video collection!

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Whether you choose to exercise inside with a Leslie Sansone Walking DVD or walk outside, walking is great exercise. Please be sure to read the rest of my walking as exercise pages to see just how varied and interesting it can be. Remember, regular exercise and healthy eating will go along way to helping you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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