The Best Jump Rope Shoes - Ropix!

Ropix Sonic Jump Rope Sole

Looking for a great pair of jump rope shoes? Whether you're just starting out, or have been jumping rope for years, wearing proper shoes when jumping rope is vital to preventing injury and increasing enjoyment!

Michelle's Review - Ropix Sonics:

Ropix Sonic Jump Rope Shoe When I started jumping rope several years ago, I did a quick search for the best jump rope shoes. There was absolutely no information out there.

I started jumping in my running shoes, but quickly abandoned those - there just wasn't enough support in my forefoot and my feet grew tired and sore quickly. So, I invested in a pair of cross-trainers. While the forefoot cushioning was better, they were clunky, and I kept snagging the rope on the bottom treads.

Next I tried a pair of smooth-bottomed, rather thin-soled exercise shoes - although they lacked proper support and cushioning, I no longer had the problem of catching the rope on the bottoms. I used those shoes for a while until I got shin splints. Honestly, I seemed at a loss as to what to wear, so I rotated among what I had. Nothing was 'just right'.

Finally, the Perfect Jump Rope Shoe!

Well, everything changed the day I found out about Ropix, an amazing new line of shoes specifically designed for rope jumping! The creator of Ropix, Dennis Dwyer, is a former boxer who saw a need and decided to fill it. And, boy, did he do a great job! If you're looking for the best shoes for jumping rope, read on.

I ordered the black and white Sonics, hoping I was ordering the correct size. These jump rope shoes are unisex, and I have a rather narrow foot, so I was a bit concerned the shoes might be wide on me. I contacted Dennis and asked if the shoes are true to size. He assured me they were. So, after much internal debate, I ordered my usual shoe size, not the half size larger I typically order in running or other athletic shoes.

Ropix Jump Rope Shoe Sole

Honestly, these shoes fit perfectly! The Sonics are all-leather, and remind me of a dancer's shoes. They are rather form fitting, but are super comfortable because of the soft, supple leather. Wearing them is almost like wearing a pair of comfortable slippers.

Jumping rope in these shoes is sheer enjoyment - no big, clunky shoes with thick tread to get in the way. The soles are treadless and have just the right amount of forefoot cushioning. I have used these jump rope shoes for a few weeks now and have experienced none of my former problems. Let's just say, Dennis hit a home run with these shoes!

Oh, and as a final note, these shoes are SO good looking (and lightweight and comfortable) - I want so badly to wear them everywhere, but I'm really trying to save them for jumping rope. We'll see how long I'm able to resist ....

Mark's Review - Ropix Turbos:

Ropix Turbo Jump Rope Shoe I chose a pair of Ropix Turbos - super chic in black and silver. When I took them out the box I told Michelle they reminded me of the footwear worn by the Captain Marvel Comic Superheroes of my childhood. Rather than closing with laces like Michelle's Sonics, the Turbos employ a pair of Velcro straps. These straps allow for an easy and adjustable fit (and look cool).

When I picked these shoes up I was immediately struck by how extremely light-weight they are. I also noticed the thin profile of the soles. This thin profile makes it far less likely that the rope will catch on my feet. When jumping rope, you land on the balls of your feet, and your forefeet and arches are constantly being flexed.

The Ropix Turbo jump rope shoes are extremely flexible in the forefoot, much more so than the pair of cross trainers I'd been using. This flexibility allows me to jump more comfortably for longer periods of time, since my feet can flex and bend so easily and naturally.

I did get a little over-enthusiastic and jumped way too long during my first session with these shoes, without enough break-in time. I have a really narrow heel and did develop a small blister. I've been jumping in my Turbos a couple of weeks now, and my blister is gone and my shoes are properly broken in. I find these shoes a joy to wear while jumping. Lightweight, flexible and sleek - they are perfect jump rope shoes. My cross-trainers are now officially retired!

The Bottom Line:

Ropix Shoes If you're serious about jumping rope, you need Ropix shoes (check them out at As two people who have been jumping for years and were never happy with our shoes, we can honestly say these shoes are long overdue.

And if you're a beginner, these shoes will make learning this sport much easier! You'll love the look and feel of these shoes so much, you'll want to exercise, just as an excuse to put these shoes on! Ropix jump rope shoes and a Buddy Lee jump rope and you're on your way to stardom ...

RN, Certified Wellness Coach

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