Healthy Exercise - I Know I Should Do It, But I Don't Want To!

Healthy Exercise - Time for Change Exercise is a huge part of a healthy lifestyle. For many people, though, engaging in regular exercise is a major challenge.

Most people have an easier time revamping their diets and making over other parts of their lives than they do embracing regular physical activity. Their reasons range from lack of time, lack of motivation, not having money to join the gym, boredom or simply hating to exercise.

   I understand and appreciate all these reasons. And I've used many of these reasons myself. Let's face it, depending on where you are starting from, the path to physical fitness can be a very challenging one.

I've Always Had a
Love-Hate Relationship With Exercise.

Thomas Edison Quote

When I was younger, it was definitely hate, but, thank goodness, as an adult it has been more love. If I think back on my past, it's no mystery why I hated exercise so much.

I grew up in a family where intellectual and creative pursuits were more highly regarded than athletic pursuits. I was always the skinny, weak, slow kid. I was always the last one picked for any team in gym class.

Oh, yes, I remember spending every gym class cowering behind something or someone, praying I wouldn't get hurt by a ball or a bat or some other object that was surely headed my way. I was literally sick to my stomach on gym days. And, let's not even bring up the subject of the humiliating gym uniforms.

On the day I graduated from high school, I thanked god I would never, ever have to take another gym class and be humiliated on the sports field again!

Healthy Exercise
Belongs to All of Us.

But guess what? In time I did come to realize that all people, including me, were designed to move and be active. Healthy exercise and physical fitness aren't just for those with athletic gifts. True, I didn't like having balls thrown at me in dodge ball by kids twice my size. Nor did I enjoy always being the loser in games that favored speed or strength.

Happy People I found out that other activities existed, activities that I could actually do and enjoy. I realized that maybe I could make healthy exercise a part of my life. The only activities I had taken part in up to that point were team sports, and it was always humiliating being the weakest link.

But, there are lots of activities that are not team-based and are not competitive. Like dance. Or yoga. Or, even weight-training. And then there's hiking, biking, rollerblading, horseback riding and cross-country skiing.

What I realized was there are so many ways to be active, anybody of any skill or fitness level can find something he or she is good at and can truly enjoy! Healthy exercise belongs to us all.

The point I'm trying to make here, by telling you about my own struggles, is that it doesn't matter if you're a natural athlete or not. Unless you're a professional athlete and your livelihood depends on it, nobody really cares if you're the fastest or the strongest.

You need to get over the fear of embarrassment and just get out there and find some activity that makes you and your body happy!

Reasons to Exercise

There Are Many
Reasons to Exercise.

Click through my site as I share with you the many reasons to exercise.The benefits of exercise are physical, as well as emotional - learn why adding daily healthy exercise to your life can change you both inside and out.

I have lots of exercise tips, where I summarize what I've learned about healthy exercise over the years. Who knows, you may find that one final tidbit that makes the difference for you in your quest to make daily activity a reality in your life.

Reasons for Exercise
to Exercise

Exercise Tips
Exercise Tips

How to Start Exercising
How to
Start Exercising

Exercise to Lose Weight.

If you're battling your weight, I'll discuss weight loss activities like walking for weight loss. I find that many people are confused about the different types of exercise and unsure of which types they should be doing - like anaerobic or aerobic exercise, strength training (including resistance, dumbbell and body weight exercises), core or stretching exercises.

Types of Exercise
of Exercise

Tracy Anderson Method
Anderson Method

Walking for Weight Loss
Walking for
Weight Loss

Find the Motivation to Exercise.

Motivation to Exercise Understanding the reasons to exercise and knowing why you should make regular physical activity a big part of your healthy lifestyle may not be enough to make yourself get off the couch to actually DO IT. I'll share with you some ideas that may help give you real motivation to exercise.

Great Exercise Music
Can Make The Difference.

Exercise Music Speaking of motivation to exercise, I have a page dedicated to exercise music. I know how powerfully music impacts my moods and my motivation - I offer playlists (which I will be adding to periodically) of songs that help me get up and off the couch. I also offer you the opportunity to add your favorites to the list.

I do need to add here that before you start a new exercise program (especially if you haven't been active in a while or you have any health issues), it's always wise to get checked out by your doctor. OK?

Following healthy eating guidelines, and engaging in healthy exercise are important parts of a sound lifestyle. For the latest information on creating the lifestyle you deserve, remember to check back here often.

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RN, Certified Wellness Coach

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