Unhealthy Foods Filled With Dangerous Food Additives
Are Everywhere.

Unhealthy Snacks Yes, many, many foods are full of dangerous food additives. Theses foods are cheap, easy, and everywhere we look. It comes down to knowing what's in the food you're eating.

These days you HAVE TO read the ingredients on the food labels. DO NOT pay attention to the claims on the package such as ZERO TRANS FATS (yes, food manufacturers can legally claim their foods have no trans fats if the content is under a certain amount. But, any amount is not acceptable!).

Also, ignore all the claims of 'Natural' and 'Healthy'. The most unhealthy foods can sound incredibly healthy from the wording on the packages. These words are meaningless.

Educate yourself about the dangers of food additives. Read The Ingredients. If you see any of the ingredients below, don't buy!!!!!!



The absolute mothers of all dangerous food additives in the damage they do to the human body! Disguised by the following names, trans fats raise your bad cholesterol and triglycerides and contribute to heart disease. None of these trans fats should be part of a daily healthy eating plan!

Trans Fats You'll find them in most frozen prepared foods and bakery items, including that supposedly healthy 'whole wheat' bread you've been buying, thinking it is a healthy choice. Trans fats are also used for deep frying many fast foods (like french fries).

Seriously, trans fats are poison. If you make no other changes in your diet, you'll still be doing your body a huge favor by eliminating trans fats. Don't eat them, OK?

  • Margarine
  • Shortening
  • Partially-Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil
  • Fully Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (not a trans fat per se, but still not good for you!)

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Unhealthy Soda Pop Now one of the most common food additives, this corn-based sweetener is found in sodas and ketchup and just about anything else you can think of. It's a cheap alternative to sugar. Another man-made ingredient that messes around with your body's own chemistry.

Some scientists blame HFCS for our obesity epidemic (I wouldn't go that far - all of the unhealthy foods and dangerous food additives on this list have probably contributed).


Checking the ingredients Similar to high fructose corn syrup in the way it affects your body chemistry. Goes by many different names. Read the ingredient list - if you see any of the following words, MSG is probably in there: hydrolyzed, autolyzed, natural flavor/flavorings, extract, caseinate (sodium or calcium), carrageenan gelatin, yeast extract or nutrient.


Stevia Sorry, guys and gals (especially you diet soda drinkers), studies are finding these fake sweeteners may contribute to long-term health problems and, yes, weight gain. (Stevia, a natural product, is a great alternative - you can find it at health food stores.)

  • Acesulfame potassium (marketed as Sunett)
  • Aspartame (marketed as Equal and Nutrasweet)
  • Saccharin (also spelled saccharine or saccharine) (marketed as Sweet 'n Low)
  • Sucralose (marketed as Splenda or Splendar)
  • Cyclamate (calcium cyclamate or sodium cyclamate)
  • Glucitol
  • Isomalt
  • Sorbitol
  • Xylitol


White Bread You can find these in most breads and bakery products. They cause your blood sugars to roller coaster and gunk up your intestines. Go for whole grains instead.

  • White flour
  • Enriched flour
  • Bleached flour (or any combination of white, enriched and bleached)


Unhealthy Snacks There are now so many types of food additives! If it sounds like it was made in a laboratory, it probably was. Real foods come from gardens and kitchens, not chemical labs. Ask yourself if your great-grandmother could have made it in her kitchen. If it sounds like a high-tech concoction, don't eat it!

  "I Highly Recommend...
this great little guide, "An A-Z Guide to Food Additives: Never Eat What You Can't Pronounce", by Deanna Minich. I love this guide because it's small enough to fit in your purse or pocket, so you'll always be ready to navigate through the landmine of ingredients and dangerous food additives that may cause reactions or are dangerous to your health. It includes safety ratings of 300 ingredients and reference charts of additives. There is also nutrition advice, hints on label reading and more! Don't go to the store without it!

Dr. Andrew Weil, one of my favorite integrative medical doctors, sums up everything above in the following video. Please watch!

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So, there you are. These unhealthy foods and dangerous food additives are what I consider some of the worst offenders of human health. As I have said before, and will say again, do the best you can. Don't strive for perfection. Every effort counts. It will get easier! A healthy lifestyle is a process!

RN, Certified Wellness Coach

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