My Beginner's Jump Rope Workout Is a Great Place to Start!

Beginner Jump Rope Workout If you're looking for a great beginner's jump rope workout, you've come to the right place. Geared toward those of you just starting out, this program is simple yet effective.

Jumping rope is a skill that must be learned. It's not difficult, but it does initially take some practice and patience. I promise that if you follow my jump rope instructions and practice, you will be able to progress to more advanced jump rope workouts in no time.

When you start jumping rope, you're going to miss (catch the rope on your feet) a lot. Your timing, coordination and jump rope technique will be lacking at first. Don't worry. That's normal. Just keep practicing and the misses will become fewer and fewer.

Remember to Warm Up First!

Before beginning any jump rope workout, take a short walk or jog in place for a few minutes. Make sure your muscles are warmed up. If at any time you feel a slight injury, stop immediately! Take a few days off until the injury is healed. The idea behind my program is to work up gradually until your muscles and fine motor coordination become accustomed to this activity. This will greatly reduce the chances of injury.

Start With the
Basic Bounce Step Jump Rope Skill.

Make sure you've mastered the basic bounce step. This is the most fundamental move and the one you must learn first. If you have not yet learned the basic bounce step, go to my page on basic jump rope skills for instruction - please be sure to watch my training video!

Here's My Six-Level
Beginner's Jump Rope Workout.

The goal of this beginner's jump rope workout is to be able to perform the basic bounce step 200 consecutive times without a miss. There are 6 levels. Once you can easily complete one level, move on to the next.

Starting with level 1, jump 5 times (performing the basic bounce step). If you miss, quickly reposition yourself, and keep going until you complete the set. Don't worry about misses at this stage. They will become fewer as your skills progress. Do 10 sets, taking a short rest between each set (15-30 seconds, but no more than a minute).

Once you can easily perform a level with few if any misses, move on to the next level the next time you work out. Do this beginner's jump rope workout 3 to 4 times per week:

Beginner's Jump Rope
Workout Program

Level 1 - Jump 5 times per set. Do 10 sets (50 jumps)
Level 2 - Jump 10 times per set. Do 10 sets (100 jumps)
Level 3 - Jump 25 times per set. Do 6 sets (150 jumps)
Level 4- Jump 50 times per set. Do 4 sets (200 jumps)
Level 5 - Jump 100 times per set. Do 2 sets (200 Jumps)
Level 6 - You are now ready to attempt a full set of 200 jumps consecutively. If you miss a jump, quickly get repositioned and continue on, jumping until you complete the full set of 200 jumps.

At approximately 120 RPMs (rotations per minute), this will be a little more than 1 1/2 minutes of continuous jumping.

Congratulations! That's a real achievement.

Once you're able to do 200 consecutive jumps with a rare miss, you'll be getting a real feel for this activity. You'll be amazed at how easy jumping has become, compared to when you started this beginner's jump rope workout program.

Now Try the 6-Level Program
Performing the Alternate Foot Step.

Once you're able to complete 200 consecutive basic bounce steps, start again at level 1, this time using the alternate foot step, the second basic jump rope skill. Follow the steps of the beginner's jump rope workout program, completing all 6 levels. You should be able to achieve your 200 consecutive jumps without a miss more quickly, since the basic jump rope techniques will have become more natural to you, and the same techniques are used to perform both skills.

Keep At It - Practice Makes Perfect!

Initially you are not going to get an intense workout with this beginner's jump rope workout. That's OK - you're trying to learn a skill and reduce the risk of injury. Just stick with it, and eventually you'll get proficient - and you will reap the many health benefits of jumping rope.

Although it may not seem possible when you start, with practice you'll be able to jump for 10 to 15 minutes continuously with rarely a miss. You can mix the basic bounce with the alternate foot step, really varying your jump rope routine and making it more challenging and fun.

  Mastered the bounce and alternate foot steps?
Then please be sure to read my pages on other basic jump rope skills, like the side swing, straddle steps and the bell and skier.

I've got lots to share about jumping rope - I want you to love this wonderful physical activity as much as I do! So, remember to check back often as I update this site - better yet, sign up for my RSS feed and get instant notification when I add something new!

RN, Certified Wellness Coach

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